Friday, January 28, 2011

Why did I ever stop posting on here?!?

Ok, I guess I stopped because I was always complaining about girls at Saint Mary's, and then my friends would read it through facebook, so I was worried it might come back around to the people I was judging and feelings might get hurt, etc. But now that I'm in NYC, it should be way easier to keep things anonymous. So... here's an anecdote I overheard on the NYU campus earlier this week...

"And then she was all like 'we can't drill in Alaska cause it'll destroy the penguins' habitat.' I mean, seriously, what kind of idiot thinks penguins live in Alaska?! Everyone knows they live at the north pole. So I told her that and she got all upset and kept insisting that we still shouldn't drill there. I mean if there's this whole state full of oil, why should we have to pay so much for gas?"

Ok, I don't even know where to start with this one. First of all, penguins live exclusively in the southern hemisphere, there are ZERO penguins at the north pole. I don't understand how this girl went through 12 years of schooling and got into college without ever learning this well-known fact. And I might as well judge the girl she was talking to as well, not only for thinking that penguins lived in Alaska, but for also believing this idiot when she "corrected" her. Furthermore, there is plenty of oil drilling currently going on in and around the state of Alaska. There's just one reserve that's causing controversy. And trust me, drilling in one reserve will NOT affect gas prices in the slightest. I literally started laughing on the sidewalk behind her. I considered informing her of these enormous inaccuracies, but I gathered she wasn't really the type of person who cared about getting her facts straight. And also I was hoping to overhear some more... ;)

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